Warmies sells a menagerie of heating pads that combine comfort and cuteness. Its alligator is my latest obsession.

Laparoscopic surgery is an increasingly popular technique for operations in the abdominal area (like gall bladder removal) that is meant to be minimally invasive. Typically, a surgeon pumps a patient full of carbon dioxide gas so a laparoscopic camera can transmit quality video to monitors in the operating area. …

But Wanda Maximoff’s pain illustrates the danger of indulging in fantasies of a lost future.

Spoilers for WandaVision and the MCU ahead.

I keep thinking about the awful seduction of a lobotomy. That a doctor could possibly extract all the bad stuff from my head and make me a more productive citizen and loving family member. It bewilders me to see other people already moving…

Maggie Chirdo

Aspiring caretaker of a haunted greenhouse. Copy Editor at The Interlude. Other words in The Knockturnal, Bitch Media, and NYU Local.

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